Tea & Cake Meeting on Wednesday 9th April

The ‘Tea & Cake’ meeting on Wednesday afternoon 9th April was a busy event held in the newly decorated lecture room in the museum. We were delighted that Alan Stephenson of the Aden Veterans came to the meeting and talked of his experiences serving in the RAF in Aden in 1963-65. He engaged us all with his account of the difficulties and dangers of the work in Aden at the time of conflict. It was a moving account.

Unfortunately a curator was not able to attend the meeting so Ann brought along an Autograph Book. This book was given to her aunt in 1919 and contained comments and pictures put in by her friends and acquaintances.  It gave rise to a discussion on the autograph books today, are they still used and is Face book a modern form of this.

The next meeting of Tea & Cake will be in the Tolson Museum at 2pm on Wednesday 11th May.  As part of the  meeting there will be a short talk, hopefully with an illustration on how and why to use the new exercise equipment in the grounds of Ravensknowle Park.

Come and join us.