Spring Newsletter 2 – May 2015

Heritage Memorial Garden at Tolson Museum

Poppies blow in the wind at the dedication of the Heritage Memorial Garden by Rt Rev Dr Jonathan Gibbs, Bishop of Huddersfield on Sunday 10th May 2015.

The Dedication of the Garden

The Rt Rev Dr Gibbs led the Dedication of the Garden and the Deputy Mayor Cllr Paul Kane unveiled the sculpture by Peter Maris. The sculpture is based on the theme of wars and conflict and reflects ideas of peace, memories and the museum’s history. Peter explained he had consulted with different groups.

Three pupils from Moor End Academy, Aisha Iqbal, Imad Kazi and Weronika Osmoska, spoke about their ideas that contributed to the sculpture. The idea of having three seats in the shape of a poppy came from a pupil at Almondbury High School. The poppies were made by the pupils at Moor End Academy. In the Garden there is a timeline listing the major conflicts since 1945. There are three community gardens, one being maintained by King James pupils, one by Netherhall pupils and the third by the ‘Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle’.

The main body of the garden is being maintained by the Sea Cadets. At the Dedication Leading Cadet Bradley Mays spoke about why it was important to maintain the garden. There are three information boards in the Garden.

The Dedication of the Garden

The Dedication of the Garden

This weekend marked the commemoration Victory in Europe in 1945. As part of the Dedication event ‘Friends’ read extracts from ‘Words on War’ by Helga Hughes. The readings were quotations from people who lived in Huddersfield on VE Day and also reflections on the subsequent effects of the War.

Spring Lectures at Tolson Museum

After the very successful series of lectures in the autumn by members of the English Department of Huddersfield University, we are delighted to announce a new series to be held this May. The talks are based around the themes and stories told in the museum and it’s collections.

Victorians, Trophies and Taxidermy

Thursday 21st May 18.30 – 20.00
by Dr Merrick Burrow

Victorians used and displayed the bodies of animals in ways which have appalled and fascinated subsequent generations. In this talk Dr Merrick Burrow will explore the Victorian fascination with the animal displays and consider what it might tell us about them and the world they inhabited.

This Filthy Earth – Zola and the Animals

Thursday 28th May 18.30 – 20.00
by Dr Simon Crump

An insight into the work of author Emile Zola whose writings embroided literary naturalism and often used animal imagery to portray the darker or more realistic side of humanity.

Free events but please ring to reserve a place. 01484 223240 or email: Tolson.museum@kirklees.gov.uk

Tea & Cake

2nd Wednesday every month. 2.00 – 3.30 at the Tolson Museum

10th June. Canal boat trip. NB. TIME 1600 – 2000. Lovely trip on the canal in Lady Victoria or Lady Rhodes. Must be pre booked.

8th July. A good holiday read. Come and exchange ideas and choose from the book shelf.

12th August. Postcards and seaside memories.

9th September. My favourite poem.

Bowling green to the rear of Tolson available at all these meetings.

FoT&R Gardening Club. We are an enthusiastic group which would welcome extra help. At the moment we meet at 2pm on 2nd and 4th Thursday in the month. Next meeting is Thursday 28th May. We have tools.

About Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle

The Committee of Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle meet once a month to plan the programme for the local community and support the work of the Museum. We look after the Heritage Memorial Garden. We would welcome any one who is interested in working with us.

For more information please contact Volunteer Ann, Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle. m: 07803159506 email: secretary@friendsoftolson.org