Newsletter – March/April 2021

The ‘Friends’ looking forward

The primulas are out, the snowdrops are a picture, the days are getting longer. Surely spring is on the way! We can, I think, at last begin to plan for the summer and the rest of the year.

I have just been looking at the earlier newsletters to see what we were planning this time last year. I searched for March – April 2020 and couldn’t find it! I think, with the shock and realisation of the effect of Covid, I had just forgotten to write a newsletter! My apologies! However I eventually gathered my thoughts together and did produce a Newsletter May-June 2020. In that edition we were still making lots of plans, having no idea how long we would be in lockdown or the constraints it would impose.

As I write things do seem to be looking brighter. We now have a ‘one–way road to freedom’ as of 23rd February. I see that it says that museums can open on 12th April which is good news – but it seems you can’t go with a friend!

At our last ‘Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle’ Committee meeting, held on zoom, we began to make plans, but not pencilling anything in until Sunday 1st August when we will celebrate Yorkshire Day. We hope to be able to book some musical concerts in the Heritage Memorial Garden late summer and to have Mikron Theatre putting on one of their plays in the autumn.

The ‘Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle’ programme is planned and run by a small committee. In normal times we meet in the Museum for about one to one and half hours once a month. Recently it has been less frequently and on zoom. We have been going now since 2012 and we are a body constituted with procedures but we have not become a charity. Perhaps we should in future? However my reason for explaining all this is that we would really love for a few of our ‘Friends’ to join us on the committee.

We really appreciate your support at events which over the years has built up. We are approaching a very exciting year for us next year as…

Tolson Memorial Museum opened 100 years ago on 22nd May 1922

We would really appreciate your ideas and perhaps help in putting together a programme to celebrate this important year. We celebrated the signing over of the estate on 31st December 1919. It did take a while to convert Ravensknowle House and Hall into a museum. Staff had to be appointed, display cabinets purchased and items to be collected and arranged for display. It was quite a job but in May 1922 Tolson Memorial Museum was opened by Legh Tolson who was presented with a gold ‘key of the door’. This is now in a case in the Tolson Memorial Museum.

‘Provsional’ Programme 1st August—December 31st 2021

  • Sunday 1st August Yorkshire Day. Activities for all ages in the Museum and in Ravensknowle Park to celebrate Yorkshire Day. Times to be confirmed.
  • Sunday 5th September. 11am – 4pm Motorcycle Show. I have already had enquiries. Tolson Memorial Museum forecourt.
  • Thursday 11th November 10.45 am Remembrance Day Service.
  • Sunday 28th November 11am – 4pm Victorian Christmas Fair.

Tea & Cake Meeting

  • Wednesday 8th September. 2pm Tea & Cake. Woodhead Hall. Speaker
  • Wednesday 13th October 2pm Tea & Cake. Speaker
  • Wednesday 10th November 2pm Tea & Cake. Speaker, or film show
  • Wednesday 8th December 2pm Tea & Cake Christmas Party.

The Tea & Cake events are all free though you can make donations for the refreshments.

Heritage Memorial Garden

The warm weather is making the plants grow, and the weeds, so we should be starting to work in the Heritage Memorial Garden. The Good Gym have already offered to help when they are allowed to. It was a bit hit and miss last year as we met to garden in between the various lock down constraints.

Looking at the ‘road map’ it seems to me that we can meet to garden from 29th March. Thursday morning at about 10am seems to suit most people so I am suggesting starting on 1st April. We have tools but if you can bring your own please do. I have bags for garden refuse.

About Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle

The Committee of Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle meet once a month to plan the programme for the local community and support the work of the Museum. We look after the Heritage Memorial Garden. We would welcome any one who is interested in working with us.

For more information please contact Volunteer Ann, Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle. m: 07803159506 email: