Newsletter – March/April 2019

Tolson Junior Parkrun and help in the Heritage Memorial Garden

In April it will be three years since the first Tolson Junior ParkRun.

Every Sunday morning at about 8.45 runners and volunteers assemble in front of Tolson Museum. We have from 20 to 50 children aged from 4 to 14 year old running, sometimes with parents. For this to happen there are a series of jobs that need to be done and the director in charge for the morning allocates the jobs.

The markers, tokens, timers, volunteers yellow fluorescent jackets etc are all collected from the hut by the bowling green. The start and finish points are marked. A volunteer goes round the park collecting rubbish, another removes dog dirt. The points where there has to be a marshal are all numbered. For a Junior park run each marshal has to be able to see the next marshal, and for the Tolson Park Run there are 10 places that need a marshal. At 8.50 we worry about whether we will have enough volunteers, a total of 15 are needed, but our supporters always turn up trumps! We have only had to cancel once and that was because the circuit was very icy! There are warm up exercises, a few notices and promptly at 9am the runners are off! The time of each runner is recorded. There is a tail runner and once that person has completed the circuit we start to pack up. Then many of us go to the hut on the bowling green where refreshments are served by the ‘Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle’. By 10am we are all on our way home having had a brilliant start to our Sunday.

Walking through the Heritage Memorial Garden after a recent Parkrun I noticed the snowdrops first sign of Spring. However as a result of the high winds the Garden was strewn with twigs and leaves and did look in need of some attention. And that has come in the form of the ‘GoodGym’. The GoodGym is a group of people, led by Saul Muldoon, who meet at 6pm every Tuesday in the John Smith Stadium. They set off for a run and then do some work in the community. They offered to help in the Garden and have already run to the Garden on two evenings and worked in the dark, they have lights on their heads, filling many bags with garden refuse. Afterwards they enjoy refreshments in the Hut by the Bowling Green and then run back to the Stadium. They plan to make coming to the Garden a regular event which will be a real help in the upkeep.

Tolson Memorial Museum – Tea & Cake

2pm – 3.30pm 2nd Wed in month. Free.
Donation for refreshments. All welcome.

13th March. The Story of Hope Bank, Honleys Pleasure Grounds.

10th April. The History of the many and varied Local War Memorials.

8th May. The work of the British Red Cross with demonstrations of how we can help in an emergency.

Tolson Memorial Museum – Cream Teas

1pm – 3pm Morning Room
£5 per person, booking advised.

Sunday 31st March Mothering Sunday

Jazz in the Garden with Honley Sax Choir

Castle Hill, the distinctive feature above Huddersfield

This map of Castle Hill is part of the 1634 survey of the township of Almondbury. It shows a warning bacon and says the area is the ‘scite of the towne’ The history of the occupation of the hill with models fills a room in Tolson Museum. There are also records of the myths and legends that have been told about this place and the legal and illegal events have happened on this lonely spot. Should you walk up to Castle Hill you have a fantastic view and find a series of information boards that tell you all about this beautiful area.

Feedback from the last edition

Planning is going ahead into the possibility of a series of lectures in the autumn. They will be on Sunday afternoons in October—November, Many thanks for the gifts I have received for the tombola and white elephant stalls. We are still in need of someone to come to any of our events and take photos, we know we should do it, but we are just too busy!!! And we still value anyone who could come and help serve refreshments at any of our events.

About Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle

The Committee of Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle meet once a month to plan the programme for the local community and support the work of the Museum. We look after the Heritage Memorial Garden. We would welcome any one who is interested in working with us.

For more information please contact Volunteer Ann, Friends of Tolson & Ravensknowle. m: 07803159506 email: